Product Questions

A: Tubing mascara is a unique type of mascara that creates tiny "tubes" around each individual lash. Unlike regular mascara, which coats the lashes with pigment, tubing mascara forms a polymer-based tube that wraps around each lash, providing length, volume, and smudge-proof wear. It can be easily removed with warm water, without the need for makeup removers or rubbing.

A: Absolutely! Tubing mascara is versatile and can be applied for both natural and dramatic looks. By using a light hand and applying a single coat, you can achieve a natural, everyday look. The tubing formula enhances your lashes without clumping or flaking, giving you a defined and fluttery appearance.

A: Yes, tubing mascara is often a great choice for people with sensitive eyes. Since it doesn't contain traditional waxes or oils found in regular mascaras, it tends to be more gentle and less likely to cause irritation or redness. However, it's always a good idea to check the ingredient list and do a patch test if you have specific concerns or allergies.

Delivery Questions

A: We strive to process and ship orders as quickly as possible. Typically, orders are processed within 1-2 business days. Shipping times vary depending on your location, but you can expect delivery within 5-7 business days for domestic orders. For international orders, delivery may take slightly longer due to customs clearance and local postal services.

A: Absolutely! Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. This allows you to track your package online and stay updated on its delivery status. Please note that it may take a few hours for the tracking information to become available after you receive the email.

A: We take utmost care in packaging and shipping our products, but if your order arrives damaged or incomplete, please contact our customer support team immediately. We will work with you to resolve the issue promptly. To assist us, please provide photos of the damaged or incomplete items, as well as the packaging, so that we can assess the situation accurately and provide a suitable solution.

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